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We are on a mission to connect, support, engage, and empower

women of color in fundraising to foster personal and professional growth.

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  • Women of color in the fundraising industry are supported, valued, and respected 

  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth are plentiful 

  • The field of fundraising is viewed as an empowering, meaningful, and viable career because of the contributions of women 

  • We provide a safe space for women of color in fundraising who need support to grow personally and professionally 

  • We support women who wish to pursue a career in fundraising with mentoring and professional advice 

  • We help to advance the field of fundraising by sharing our talents, passion, and experience 


F3 was founded out of a need to support women of color in the field of nonprofit fundraising who are often marginalized, overlooked, and dismissed. A small group of women in Atlanta, GA convened bi-monthly to provide support for one another. Common experiences, respect for individual contributions, and passion for nonprofit work created a bonded network. Through a shared view of giving back to transform the world, F3 was formed to celebrate womanhood, professional development, and the impact we make individually and collectively.

What We Offer
  • A safe space for women of color fundraisers 

  • Individual talent and shared nonprofit resources

  • Membership is based on a limited # of seats each year 

  • Mentoring for new professionals to the field 

  • A think tank where new ideas are vetted and supported 

  • Access to a network of professional, dynamic, and savvy women 

  • A community of empowered women who empower women 

  • Financial support for female fundraisers displaced or downsized 

What We Do
  • Webinars, Facebook Live (*) 

  • Book Talks and Discussion 

  • A Facebook Page where ideas, articles, updates, and nonprofit news are shared 

  • Resume review services 

  • Retreats, forums, and other special events 

* Webinar topics could include Major Gifts, Grant Writing, How to Start a Nonprofit, Social Media Fundraising, Career Options for Fundraisers, Annual Fund Planning, Events that Work, Cross Section of Marketing and Development, Creating a Phenomenal Fundraiser Resume, Making the Ask, etc.) 

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